Fedor Holz Is the New Integrity Ambassador for GGPoker

The German poker pro takes over the role of Jason Koon, as he vows to help the security team improve player safety and battle bots, RTA users, and other cheaters on the world’s biggest poker platform.
Fedor Holz Is the New Integrity Ambassador for GGPoker
March 01, 2024

Some pretty big changes happened at GGPoker, the world’s biggest poker site, and they involve two of the most popular names in the game.

Jason Koon, who previously held the position of Integrity Ambassador at GGPoker since 2021, announced on his X profile that he is leaving this position and departing from GGPoker, effective immediately.

The same day, Fedor Holz, a legend of the game in his own right, announced that he is stepping in as Integrity Ambassador and would be helping the operator ensure fair play and security.

The changes have come in the wake of a major game integrity scandal earlier in the year, which saw a player take advantage of a security leak to gain a significant advantage in the games and get away with six figures before being suspended from the platform.

Players were essential in detecting the cheater, who reported it to GGPoker, promoting the investigation and ultimately account termination.

Why Did Jason Koon Leave GGPoker?

“GGPoker and I have gone our separate ways. I wish them continued success.” This was the entirety of the post that Jason Koon released on his X profile, letting the poker world know he was no longer a GGPoker Ambassador.

That said, the reasons behind the departure of this 10-time Triton Poker Series champion remain unclear, as many speculate he wanted to step away from the brand following the security breach that happened in January.

However, there was no clear indication that this was the case, and Koon at no point indicated that he was unhappy with his position as Integrity Ambassador at GGPoker.

Instead, it is also possible that Koon wanted to dedicate himself to the game and his role as Triton Poker Ambassador more, which allowed Fedor Holz to step in and take over where Koon left off.

Fedor Holz Steps In as Integrity Ambassador

Taking the place of Jason Koon as Integrity Ambassador for the world’s leading poker site is Fedor Holz, a high roller legend and one of the people with the most impeccable reputation in the game.

Holz has been an exemplary member of the poker community for years and has now expanded his role with GGPoker to one that looks to improve the security of the games on the platform.

Holz has promised he will work with GGPoker’s security team to ensure that the games are as secure as possible, including battling against bots, RTA, and other means of cheating.

While GGPoker’s Integrity Council project more or less fell apart over the last couple of years, there are few people in the poker community who are in a better position to vouch for integrity than Fedor Holz.

All that said, it remains to be seen how Holz will do in his new role, as the community may now seek him for answers should any further cheating scandals or security breaches come to surface in the future.

GGPoker continues preparations for the upcoming WSOP 2024, with a variety of satellite events set to be played on the platform, along with many of the biggest daily and weekly tournaments and cash games in the world.

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