WSOP MI’s Responsible Gaming Tools You Should Know About

WSOP Michigan is now offering real money online poker games to MI players. Take an in-depth look at the responsible gambling tools WSOP uses to keep players safe & in control of how much time & money they spend on the site.
March 30, 2022

At the WSOP, we view responsible gaming as an important initiative and want all of our Michigan players to enjoy WSOP.comThe WSOP has launched a new regulated and legal online poker room in Michigan. This is the very first time that WSOP has offered online poker to players in the Midwest —- prior to Monday’s launch, the WSOP only offered legal online poker to players in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware.

To mark the occasion, WSOP is investing big money into marketing campaigns to help grow its market share in its new state.

We are anticipating a very successful launch in Michigan,” Ty Stewart, WSOP Executive Director told pokerfuse. “We have continued to see our market share grow over the last few months in Pennsylvania. We’ll adapt many of our same promotional strategies.”

With the incentives of lucrative welcome bonus offers and efforts to recruit players to its site with bolstered marketing efforts, we dig into the ways the site is keeping all of its new Michigan players safe, looking at:

  • Age Verifications
  • Play Time limits
  • Tournament Limits
  • Deposit limits
  • Loss Limits
  • Buy-In Limits
  • Cooling-Off Periods
  • Self-Exclusion

We are very proud of all we’ve invested into the research, training, and technology to help educate staff and customers alike on the significance of responsible gamingAll of these responsible gambling tools can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive holistic approach to staying in control of your time and money spent at the tables. They are designed to give players breathing space while playing, so they can stay in control of their gambling and making it harder for them to chase losses and feed addictive behaviors.

“At the WSOP we view responsible gaming as an important initiative and want all of our Michigan players to enjoy as a budgeted entertainment option,” Ty Stewart, SVP of the World Series of Poker at Caesars Entertainment told Poker Shield.

“We are very proud of all we’ve invested into the research, training and technology to help educate staff and customers alike on the significance of responsible gaming and will continue to invest heavily into being an industry leader in promoting responsible gaming.”

A player can set limits upon registering at the site or at any time via their account preferences. If a player wants to either set up or tweak these limits at any time, they can do so via the “My Account” page, which can be accessed from the “My Profile” drop-down on the client.

Responsible Gaming Tools at WSOP MI

Age Verifications: Players Must be 21 or Over to Play at WSOP MI

By law, all US players must be 21 or over in order to legally play at any online gambling site for real money (yes, there is such a thing as play money) and it is no exception at WSOP MI. In order to make sure players that sign up are indeed aged 21 or over, WSOP uses third-party software to verify the age and identity of all its customers.

In some instances, WSOP will ask for age verification documents and can suspend a player’s account until that information is provided and checked. If a player has found to have lied about their age, they face the following consequences:

  • The player’s account will be closed.
  • All bets become “null-and-void”.
  • All winnings will be forfeited.
  • Legal action may be taken.

Play Time Limits

A play time limit helps players stay in control of how much time they spend on the site and helps them avoid falling into that poker black hole, spending hour after hour at the tables, without even realizing it. A play time limit can be set, and, once that time limit has been reached, the player will be forced to sit out of any further action until the predetermined time period has passed. For instance, if a player has set a play time limit of 5 hours a week at the online tables and they hit the 5-hour mark on Day 1, they will be banned from sitting in any more games until that week concludes and the next week starts.

Tournament Limits

Tournament limits allow a player to limit the number of online poker tournaments they can enter. This can help stop addictive behavior such as gambling more than a player can afford, chasing losses, and getting swept up in the action.

Deposit Limits

A deposit limit is a way to restrict the amount of money a player can deposit onto the site. The player can choose a maximum amount per day, week, or month that they are prepared to deposit. Once this threshold has been met, the player will be stopped from depositing any more money onto the site until the remainder of that day, week, or month has lapsed and the new one begins.

Loss Limits

A loss limit allows a player to choose the maximum amount of money they are prepared to lose at the tables during a selected period of time. Once the loss limit has been reached, the player will be frozen out of wagering any more money until the time period is up. For instance, if a player sets a loss limit of $100 per month and they have lost that $100 by mid-way through the month, they will not be able to play again until the new month arrives.

A loss limit is a great way to spot players chasing their losses, which is one of the ways gambling can become harmful and addictive.

Buy-In Limits

Buy-in limits allow a player to choose games within their budget and bankroll size. Setting a realistic limit of what a player can afford to spend to buy into an event, means that the player will not be tempted to play high stakes games that are not suitable for their financial situation. Setting a limit in this way helps a player not get carried away.

Cooling-Off Periods

WSOP also offers cool-off periods for players. This is a shorter-term, less robust measure than self-exclusion, which we talk about more below — but it is a great way to give players some enforced time away from the tables when they need a break from playing. Cooling off essentially suspends a player’s account for a short period of time. If you find yourself getting carried away and swept up in the action or gambling too frequently, a cool-off can give you just the space and breathing room you need.

The WSOP has cool-off periods from 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or 5 months. Players can contact WSOP support or live chat to submit their request for a cool-off period. Once a player has asked for a cool-off period, they cannot plead with the WSOP to reinstate the account. The predetermined time period must pass in order for the player’s account to be reactivated.


Players who are exhibiting problem gambling behaviors and are possibly suffering from gambling addiction need to consider the benefits of self-exclusion. This is the most powerful way to stop gambling as it effectively stops a player from being able to log into an online poker room or visit a live casino.

A player can self-exclude directly through the WSOP mobile app or desktop client, directly via the “My Account” section. Self-exclusion can also be done by emailing support or jumping on live chat (which runs 24 hours a day) to ask the site to block them from being able to log in. Self-exclusion is essentially a voluntary ban for a predetermined amount of time between 1 year, 5 years, or forever. During this time, not only can a player not log in to their WSOP account, the online poker operator will not contact them trying to entice them to come back and will make sure they cannot set up a new account during the time period.

Once a player has self-excluded, there is no going back. The predetermined time period must elapse in order for the WSOP to reinstate the player’s account. In addition, if a player is deemed to be at high risk for harmful gambling behaviors, the WSOP reserves the right to self-exclude the player themselves, without the player choosing to opt into it.

Poker players in Michigan can also self-exclude at the state level, which will block them from both online and in-person gambling opportunities operating within the state.

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