Exclusive Interview: What Items are in GGPoker’s Responsible Gaming Tool Kit?

The operator reveals that deposit limits, time-outs, and game type blocks are the most popular responsible gambling tools online poker players use while playing on the site.
May 18, 2022

We think deposit limits are the most effective, as you can pre-determine your budget and set the amount you feel comfortable spending while playing at GGPoker.GGPoker has revealed its most popular responsible gambling tools accessed by players on the site, along with what they think is the most effective responsible gaming (RG) tool in a player’s arsenal.

Deposit limits and time-outs take the crown as the top responsible gaming tools used at GGPoker.

For those not in the know, responsible gaming tools can be used by players to limit the amount of money and time spent gambling. Any operator worth their salt offers a spread of RG tools that can be used by players at any time to help them curb addictive behavior. The tools can be used as either a stand-alone option or as part of a mix-and-match approach.

GGPoker has quickly become a top player in the online poker space, since steamrolling onto the scene back in 2017.

The online poker operator often goes toe-to-toe with PokerStars as one of the largest online operators in the dot-com market. Furthermore, GG inked a partnership with the World Series of Poker, which strengthens its ties in the US and Canada. As such, keeping players safe at the tables from harmful gambling behavior is key to being compliant with laws and legislation in these markets as well as keeping their customers safe.

Poker Shield spoke to GG about its responsible gambling efforts, which tools are the most popular, and what RG tools are actually available to players using its software. However, the operator shied away from answering questions about any plans for responsible gambling in 2022 and how the company sees itself compared to its competition when it comes to RG offerings.

When asked about the seemingly thin offering of responsible gaming tools found on the GG website — deposit limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion — GG told us that it does indeed have a wider variety of tools on offer within the client, but these vary by market.

GG confirmed that, in the UK market, more tools are on offer than at first glance.

“GGPoker does have a wider range of RG tools available for players, including loss limits, log-in limits, total bet amount limits, single bet limits, re-login time limits, monthly login frequency limits, and product blocks (blocking casino and slot games). As different regulators require specific responsible gaming tools, we typically have different sets of tools available for different jurisdictions,” the representative said.

Prompted by our question, GG plans to revise its UK website to reflect the actual tools available to players.

GGPoker went on to reveal that the most commonly used responsible gambling tools on its site are deposit limits and time-outs as well as players using specific product blocks to stop them from being able to access games that they know they find addictive.

GG also told us what responsible gaming tool they think is most effective for a player to use. “Personally, we think deposit limits are the most effective as you can pre-determine your budget and set the amount you feel comfortable spending while playing at GGPoker,” the representative said. “We encourage people to look at tools like these as preventative measures so that they never spend more than they intend to,” they added.

Reality checks was a service introduced in the UK at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It was a system designed to check in with players periodically to make sure they were still gambling within their means. When asked about this, GG has said it hopes to roll this service out to other markets (but declined to say which) in the future.

As a private company, GG can stay coy as to their 2022 responsible gaming plans and how it plays a role within the company — deciding not to disclose any further information.

Elsewhere, public companies such as The Kindred Group and Flutter plc have shed much more light on their responsible gaming endeavors.

The Kindred Group hopes by next year to generate zero revenue from harmful gambling behaviors and Flutter wants 75% of customers using responsible gambling tools by 2030.

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